Ghostgrub Tales consists of short tales about other people/creatures in the world who currently find themselves in situations like the main character of the Ghostgrub story. The main difference that divides this from the main story of GhostGrub is that the character in Tales will encounter people/creatures from other webcomics, this is my overly-complicated way of doing fanart!

Here’s an example:

Ghostgrub Tales/episodes will be 2-3 parts long. Here’s the deal:

  • The first part of a tale will reveal the setting your character finds themselves in, and which featured guest character they have encountered. You will also see a set of four options that you (and all the other lovely people reading) can choose from to make your person do something based on their current situation. They could be fighting the character, having an awkward chat about beans, or even running away from the character through the dark woods while trying to not get stabbed, WHO KNOWS.
  • If a tale is three parts long, the story will develop more in the second part.
  • The final part of the tale is where you will see the results of whatever action you chose in the first and second parts. Let’s leave this as a surprise for the actual episodes… >:D

You can vote for the option of your choice on a Twitter poll that will run for two days. Most of the rules from Ghostgrub will still apply, although it may differ from episode to episode depending on the situation.

That’s pretty much all there is to it!