Ghostgrub is a Twitter pick-your-path-adventure-game-thing where you must make choices against some pretty whacked out situations in your everyday life. Will you take the glowing sword from the skeleton guy in your shower, even though you know it’s cursed and it will turn your arm totally evil? Or will you just punch the skeleton’s face off and attempt to flush him down the toilet for being such a big evil jerk? THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

Just a note, at the moment there’s no update schedule for Ghostgrub. I’m just doing it for fun.

Here’s the bare basics for how to play:

  • You cast votes for the four choices you get per episode on Twitter. You generally have 48 hours to vote per episode unless otherwise stated.
  • Retweeting the comic that currently has a active Twitter poll grants you one gold. Liking the comic on Twitter during the voting poll grants you one experience point. Liking or rewteeting an episode that has an expired poll does not count.
  • You can spend gold on weapons, armor or whatever else you might need on your adventures.
  • You can level up your character if you get enough experience points. Leveling up your character grants you more hit points and an attack bonus (this is achieved every 7 levels). Experience points are earned through defeating enemies in combat, completing quests and liking a Ghostgrub episode on Twitter that currently has an active poll running.
  • You have a base HP of 60. If your HP reaches zero, you become a spooky ghost for five episodes. If you manage to find some way to come back to life during those fives turns you don’t lose any of your items other than half you gold (you lose that regardless as a punishment for reaching 0 hit points). If you fully die, you lose all your items, half your gold, go down 5 levels and wake up in your house thinking what just happened was a dream. Your experience points also get reset to 0. You can regain HP through several different ways, one main way by eating roast chickens which give you back 30 HP.
  • Different weapons deal different damage depending on the tier of weapon and what the result is of a dice roll I do for you when you attack (more info on the ‘Full Deal How To Play‘). If you manage to catch an opponent off guard, you do double the damage you roll (this also applies for a companion when they do damage). Armor can increase your base HP and acts as a life saver. For example, if you have 3HP but you take 7 damage, your armor will break and your HP will be reduced to just 1. You can also hold an item to possibly use. You can only hold one weapon, one piece of armor and one item at any one time.
  • You can go on quests to earn rewards such as experience points, weapons, armor, gold or maybe a super special mystery item (like something that allows you to fast travel. WHO KNOWS!)
  • Combat is turn based, and usually go first unless you get ambushed or betrayed. If you have a companion with you during combat, they attack with you, dealing additional damage. Damage companions deal depends on how much HP they currently have. For example, if you had a tiny vampire companion who had 8/20HP remaining, they would only do up to 8 possible damage to an opponent. If they had full HP, they would do up 20 possible damage, so it pays to keep your companions healthy! Giving companions a roast chicken can bring them back to life if they die, just like real life.
  • You can get cursed in Ghostgrub, and being cursed can really ruin your day. Curses range from taking HP away from you at the beginning of each episode, to not being able to leave a certain area all the way up to things like you being turned into a lemon. Curses can generally be removed by high power magic users, usually for a large amount of gold.
  • There are merchants in Ghostgrub who sell all sorts of things. If you can’t afford to buy something from them you want, you will have the option to try and haggle with them. This may even mean going on a mini-quest for them to make up the cost, or just even giving them a kiss for it instead WHO KNOWS.

That’s all! Have fun!